Sam Butts


Why my clients love Squarespace


Let me begin by explaining what Squarespace is.

Technically speaking it is a web-based Content Management System (CMS) with an inbuilt website builder, SEO tool, blogging platform, hosting service and domain name registrar.

In simpler words, it's a very intuitive and simple website that allows you to create and edit a website or blog - your domain name and hosting all included.

Squarespace makes it more accessible for you to have full control over the content of your website while still keeping a professional design.

One of my clients wanted to be able to add new pages to her website for her ongoing projects. She struggled to understand the mechanics of her outdated custom coded website and therefore couldn’t add text or pictures easily without having to learn HTML code. Squarespace makes all of this achievable through its drag & drop features and simple text editing - just as if you were using a text editor like Microsoft Word or Pages. Squarespace was perfect for her because she could take pictures on her phone and upload them directly to a blog post through the Squarespace app without even having to use her computer.

Through combining my expertise in website design with Squarespace, you can have complete control of your website whilst still having it meet your needs and look professional & custom made.

If this sounds like the solution you need, let's get in touch.

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